How Expensive Are Traffic Tickets for Car Accidents in Atlanta

Car Accident HeaderIt’s not an easy day when you make a mistake and it ends up causing a car wreck. What’s even more annoying is when that car wreck turns into a traffic ticket. Now – not only do you have the expense of the accident, with the increased insurance premiums and insurance deductible or car repairs, but you have to pay a fine. If you really believe you’re not at-fault there’s always that possibility you can have our lawyers fight that ticket along with your car accident case but if you really did break the law it will be difficult to get removed. Which leads to the main question – how expensive are car accident traffic tickets in Atlanta?

Not All Car Accidents Are the Same

And neither are all traffic tickets after a car accident. When police officers arrive at a car accident scene they evaluate all of the laws that were broken. Once they establish what they believe to be the broken laws they will write up traffic tickets to the individuals that broke the law.
Car Accident Ticket

This means that every accident will typically have a different traffic ticket expense attached to it because different laws are usually broken at each accident.

What Laws Are Broken During a Car Accident

Anytime there’s a car accident someone broke a law – even it’s following too closely (tailgating) with a fender bender – or going head on. Here’s a good comprehensive lists of most frequent Georgia laws attached to car accidents:

*Cost of the tickets shown are the base fines plus the surcharge

Car Accident Law Ticket Expense 1

  • Acrobatic 0r Fancy Riding: Motorcycles or vehicles trying to pull off stunts or tricks to get attention. Pulling off that stunt occasionally ends up in an accident and it’s a$90 ticket.
  • Broken Windshield or Visor: Yep, if you don’t fix your windshield and it ends up blocking your vision causing a car accident it will cost you $194.
  • Crossing Median in Divided Highway: For head on collisions typically one of the drivers is responsible for this. This is usually a $194 ticket.
    • Improper U‐TURN: Illegal U-turns oftentimes turn into accidents. this can also result in a $194 ticket.
    • No Horn or Improper Use: This is not common but if a police officer wanted too they could probably discover that the proper use of the horn could’ve prevented the accident. This traffic fine is typically $107 in Atlanta.
    • Speeding: How can we forget speeding? It’s common for someone to be speeding during a fatal accident. Going 24 mph over the speed limit will result in a $728 fine, 19 mph over – $228. 15 mph over – $184, 11 mph over – $148.
Car Accident Law Ticket Expense 2

  • Defective Equipment: Broken lights, or equipment can often result in a traffic accident. This happens with fender benders occasionally, the driver that was hit had rear-end brake lights out. This is a $107 dollar fine.
  • Discharging Passengers on a Highway: Otherwise known as stopping traffic to pick up or drop off passengers – this can results in a $177 ticket.
  • Disregarding Railroad Crossing Barrier: Cars that get hit by trains usually break this law. It’s not common but it’s a $455 fine.
    • Following Too Closely: It is against the law to tailgate. This traffic ticket is $194 however if you get in an accident it can be different for this specific ticket.
    • Impeding the Free Flow of Traffic: Going far below the speed limit can cause an accident and it is a traffic violation that will cost you $194.
    • Improper Backing: Accidents happen all of the time with drivers going into reverse – this can result in a $194 ticket.
Car Accident Law Ticket Expense 3

  • Driving on Sidewalk: If you ever go off the road and up on a sidewalk this actually a possible traffic ticket. This is a rare one but it can result in a $194 traffic ticket.
  • Driving Though a Safety Zone: Pedestrians have zones set aside for them – this can be a cross walk, or a side of the road that’s set apart for them. If you drive through it and an accident takes place don’t be surprised to receive a $194 ticket.
  • Driving Wrong Way – One Way Street: Going the wrong way on a one way street in town? Atlanta does have these roads and it can result in a $194 ticket.
  • Failure to Dim Lights: If you forget to turn off your brights and it resulted in an accident you can actually be fined if you get caught. This is a $194 fine.
  • Failure to Stop for Stop Signs or Yield Signs: Car accidents happen all of the time because someone ran a stop sign, or they didn’t yield. This is a $194 fine.
  • Failure to Signal or Use the Correct Signal: When signals aren’t used it’s quite easy to get in an accident because you’re not communicating with other drivers on the road. This is a $194 fine.
  • Failure to Yield Right of Way to Pedestrian Crosswalk: With pedestrian accidents this can result in a $368 fine.
  • Failure to Yield Right of Way While Turning Left: Did you turn left and then were hit? It can result in a $194 fine. If the other person was speeding you might have a good case on this one.
  • Failure to Yield When Entering a Road: This is popular in Atlanta – with our busy highways and roads it’s easy to not yield and hit another driver. This will also result in a $194 fine.

Officers Can Decide on Traffic Tickets

Many laws will typically be broken during a car accident and officers usually only pick a couple items to write a traffic ticket on. In smaller accidents some officers, not all, are known to not even write traffic tickets.  Officers will occasionally just give warnings.
Officers Can Decide on Traffic Tickets Image
If you treat them with the respect they deserve and if you’re honest and polite you might even just get a warning, so if you get in an accident don’t panic. If you’re seeking legal help for your car accident we’re here to help!

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