The Knockout Game – Fact or Fiction?

Warnings about the knockout game have been seen on various internet news blogs and forums. It isn’t so much a game as it is a random act of violence, in which a person goes up to a stranger on the street and attempts to knock the stranger unconscious. It seems that this should be too terrible to be true, and while many authorities call the knockout game an urban myth, others find some truth in reports of these incidents.

Truth Behind the Rumors: GA Car Accident Attorneys

Variations of the name of the game have been reported in the news, but the story is always the same. Usually, an individual was alone when he was approached by several young people and then assaulted. There was no confrontation or history with the group, and all of the attacks appear to be unprovoked and without a motive.

In one confirmed case, the knockout game took a turn against the assailants when the person they attempted to attack was carrying a gun. A teenager was attempting to knock out a man in Lansing, Michigan when the man shot him twice with a pistol. The teenager took a bullet in the shoulder and one in the spine in the incident and was sentenced to a year in jail for the assault.

When interviewed, the teenager admitted the assault attempt was part of the knockout game and that he and his friends had done it several times before. After his arrest, he stated, “I wish I hadn’t played the game at all.”

Is the Knockout Game in Georgia? Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers

It is hard to tell whether or not this game has reached Georgia, as many attacks may go unreported or may also be motivated by robbery. No verified attacks have made the news in Georgia, though there have been verified knockout game-related attacks in New York, Connecticut, Missouri, Illinois, Massachusetts and Michigan.

How Dangerous is the Knockout Game? GA Car Accident Lawyers

Unfortunately, several people have already died due to these dangerous assaults. A Syracuse, New York man died on May 23, 2013 when he was attacked by a group of teenagers reported to be playing the game. A homeless man in New Jersey was killed on September 10, 2013 in a similar attack.

Is it Really a Trend? GA Car Accident Attorneys

Police are hesitant to acknowledge the knockout game as a trend, fearing that this would trigger mass media coverage and increase the number of attacks. Instead, they prefer to refer to these attacks as assaults, which is what they really are.

The game has actually been around in some form since around 1992, though it has not garnered mass media attention. Generally, the reports of the assaults are extremely similar, indicating that a group of teens attacked a solitary person. In some cases, hate crime charges have been filed against the alleged attackers in addition to assault charges.

Regardless of whether the knockout game is fact or fiction, there appears to be evidence that some people have been injured or even killed as a result of this malicious game.

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