Driving on Ice. Yes, In Atlanta, GA: Car Accidents

In Atlanta, we are fortunate that winter weather is usually mild in comparison to the rest of the country. Most winters, we experience at least one icy day or a dusting of snow that provides enough of winter driving conditions to last us the remainder of the year.  Recently, black ice on freezing roads caused multiple car accidents and headaches.

Georgia Car Accidents Cause By Ice: Car Accident Lawyers

According to CBS Atlanta, a 5-car pile-up in Gwinnett County resulted in one death on December 16. The accident happened on Ronald Reagan Parkway near Five Forks Trickum Road when a pick-up truck allegedly lost control on black ice.  Both the pick-up and a car traveling beside it crossed the median, where they collided with three other vehicles.

The driver of the pick-up was killed and his son was airlifted to a local hospital. Another driver was also seriously injured.

It’s not always obvious when there is ice on the road. A patch of black ice may appear to be just a wet spot on the road. This is why in cold conditions, it’s always best to play it safe.

Tips for Winter Driving From GA Car Wreck Lawyers

The temperature doesn’t have to be below 32 degrees for ice to exist on the roads. If it dipped below the freezing mark in the pre-dawn hours, it could be slick on your commute to work. Although icy roads are not the norm in Georgia, knowing how to drive on ice is crucial, no matter where you live. Slick roads can and do cause multiple accidents every winter.

  • Invest in good tires to Avoid a Georgia car accident

You don’t have to have chains or snow tires to successfully navigate icy roads, but you do need some tread. Before winter hits, make sure your tires are in good condition. If icy weather happens and your tires are “bald”, you could have a hard time moving at a stoplight or slowing down when it counts.

  • Change your wiper blades to avoid an Atlanta car wreck

Whether it’s sleeting, snowing, or if melted snow is being kicked up by vehicles on the road in front of you, good wiper blades make for better visibility. They are a cheap way to prevent auto accidents.

  • Clear your car of snow and ice, completely to avoid a GA wreck

From your headlights to your rear bumper, being clear of winter precipitation makes you more visible to other drivers.

  • Slow down to help prevent an Atlanta car accident

When you’re driving on ice or if you think there may be slick spots on the road, slow down. This can be difficult in Atlanta traffic, as everyone would rather drive well over the speed limit no matter the conditions. But being cautious is always a good idea.

  • Be extra cautious when stopping and starting to avoid an Atlanta car wreck

Give yourself extra space as you approach stoplights and turns. Icy intersections are the most dangerous intersections of all. Also, rear-end accidents commonly occur at stoplights when the roads are bad.

  • Maintain constant progress on hills: Car Accident Lawyers GA

Don’t try to power up a hill and definitely try to avoid stopping on one when ice or snow is present. Just maintain a steady speed to avoid sliding back down.

  • If the roads are really bad, stay home to avoid a car accident in GA

Delay your trip out of the house until temperatures rise. Most employers in the Atlanta area understand bad roads equal unsafe driving conditions. If there is any doubt, follow the lead of local schools. If they are on a delay, you should be too.

Car accidents can happen in all types of weather. But in our region, driving when there is ice or snow is dangerous. Sharing the roads with inexperienced winter drivers can be frightening. Do your part to make the roads safer regardless of the temperature.

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