Atlanta GA Holiday Traffic: The Most Dangerous Time of the Year?

From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, it’s natural to feel apprehensive when getting on the road. More people are traveling during the holiday period, and more people are also out partying. While initial reports indicate Thanksgiving 2013 was safer than 2012, the holiday season is far from over and caution is warranted regardless of weather conditions. reports that the final 35 days of the year are the busiest on American roads. With the potential for winter weather conditions, these days can also be the most dangerous, with more auto accidents as people hit the road for family gatherings, parties, and last-minute shopping.

‘Season for Safety’: Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers

The Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety announced its annual “Season for Safety” campaign to bring attention to roadway dangers this holiday season. In particular, state officials are reminding drivers of the dangers of drinking and driving, and riding without a seatbelt.

Colonel Mark McDonough said that Georgians must be vigilant about keeping highways and streets accident free. He cautioned drivers to slow down, ensure child passengers are secured, buckle up, and never drive drunk.

Law enforcement across the state will be particularly watchful over the next several weeks, looking to prevent accidents with increased patrols and checkpoints.

Thanksgiving 2013 ‘Safer’ Than 2012: Atlanta Car Wrecks

Initial reports after the Thanksgiving holiday indicate Georgia drivers fared better in 2013 than 2012. According to the Albany Herald, the Georgia State Patrol reported 21 traffic fatalities over Thanksgiving weekend in 2012 and 15 in 2013, a drop of 28.6 percent.

State troopers alone worked approximately 556 auto accidents between Wednesday night and midnight on Sunday. Of those, where were 244 injuries and 10 fatalities.

Staying Safe through the Holidays: Atlanta GA Car Wreck

One of the easiest things you can do to avoid serious injury or death in the event of an accident is to buckle up. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says wearing a seatbelt reduces the risk of fatal injury by 45 percent for front-seat passengers. The risk of serious injury is reduced by 50 percent. Buckling up isn’t difficult, it doesn’t take much time, and the safety benefits are proven.

Also make sure your children are properly restrained when traveling. This means car seats for smaller children and boosters for older ones. Keeping them in the backseat also protects them from injury in the event airbags are deployed.

Finally, you can avoid a serious accident by never getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. Plan ahead if you intend on going to holiday parties or imbibing with friends and family. Appoint a designated driver for the evening or call a cab. Drunk driving accidents increase over the holidays, and you don’t want to be the one to blame when an accident like this occurs.

Being vigilant over the holidays means taking steps to prevent an accident and ensure you are as safe as possible should an accident occur. You cannot control everyone’s driving, but you are responsible for your own actions behind the wheel. Take simple precautions like not driving late at night and avoiding drivers who are swerving, driving aggressively, or distracted. Above all, have a safe holiday season!

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